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Sustaining Relationships and Partnerships

For museums to play an active role at the heart of our communities we need to develop and sustain relationships. Partnerships should bring communities together and be based on the principles of equity and respect. We should seek a diverse range of people and stakeholders to bring fresh perspectives and insight to all areas of museum work.

Level 1

  1. Considers and respects the perspectives and experiences of others, for example demonstrating allyship and solidarity.
  2. Adapts own behaviour and communication style to meet the needs of others, demonstrating empathy, understanding and respect in all interactions.
  3. Works successfully with others, for example sector bodies, professional networks, and communities.
  4. Understands, appreciates, and respects different museum disciplines and roles, and their interdependent relationship.
  5. Understands and applies relevant professional policies and standards, for example Power to the People, MA Code of Ethics etc.

Level 2

  1. Communicates honestly, transparently and inclusively and encourages dialogue and participation.
  2. Ensures that inclusion and equity are at the heart of professional practice, building and valuing knowledge through the exchange of ideas and understands that narratives have multiple perspectives and are not fixed.
  3. Facilitates two–way and multiperspective communication, encouraging dialogue and exchange throughout and outside the organisation.
  4. Builds and maintains a strong external network and looks for opportunities for external collaboration and partnership.
  5. Consults and involves relevant stakeholders and communities to ensure outputs, and outcomes meet their needs, and the needs of society.

Level 3

  1. Encourages an open, safe, and approachable environment by listening and not judging.
  2. Acknowledges different and sometimes conflicting outlooks and demonstrates a willingness to find common ground.
  3. Helps make connections between people, putting them in touch to facilitate cooperation and collaboration.
  4. Monitors the sector and landscape to identify potential partners and creates opportunities for strategic collaborations locally, nationally, or internationally.

Level 4

  1. Leads an organisation, area of practice or field of knowledge to ensure structures, strategies and policies in place deliver inclusively.
  2. Creates a culture where, relationships, partnerships and collaborations are prioritised formutual and multiple benefits.
  3. Grows sustainable, meaningful, and equitable relationships and partnerships, with a range of audiences and groups, including those underrepresented or misrepresented within museums.
  4. Proactively adapts and manages complex relationships, to ensure organisational mission, vision, and values continue to be delivered.

For more information about Sustaining Relationships and Partnerships, visit our advocacy campaign and Museums Change Lives campaign.