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Managing People, Money and Organisations

Developing environmentally and financially sustainable organisations is vital if museums are to deliver public benefit. We all need to understand and promote robust governance, good ethical practice, progressive and constructive management practices across a range of areas including financial and people management, marketing and fundraising.

Level 1

  1. Understands the importance of self-, budget-, people-, project-, resource and time- management.
  2. Prioritises own workload to meet conflicting and changing demands.
  3. Suggests ideas for commercial activities, revenue generation or cost controlling.
  4. Understands the role government, local and national, and other regulatory organisations play in the direction and operation of the sector.
  5. Understands and applies professional policies and standards associated with good governance, for example MA Code of Ethics, Accreditation Scheme, Front-of-House Charter for Change etc.

Level 2

  1. Constructively manages people, tasks, resources, projects, and assets for public benefit.
  2. Motivates and empowers by making people feel valued and important in interactions and by celebrating success.
  3. Develops ideas for commercial activities, revenue generation or cost controlling.
  4. Understands why different governance models exist and how this influences organisational direction and delivery.
  5. Proactively advocates, applies, and embeds the MA Code of Ethics in all areas of practice.

Level 3

  1. Recognises the achievement and performance of others widely, gives credit, and celebrates success.
  2. Identifies potential obstacles and proactively solves issues to minimise the impact on people and delivery.
  3. Appreciates the dynamic context and capitalises on opportunities for increasing financial sustainability for example, fundraising, marketing, and sponsorship.
  4. Balances the commercial and charitable requirements, valuing both financial and social capital.

Level 4

  1. Creates a culture where people are prioritised, adopting and future proofing people practices, for volunteers, freelancers and employees.
  2. Integrates current thinking, best and good practice, and acknowledges good leadership within the sector and beyond.
  3. Creates a culture where the financial and environmental sustainability of an organisation, a project or the sector is prioritised.
  4. Values and commits to transparency, including funding relationships and collections held; welcomes challenges, invites scrutiny, and takes responsibility.

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