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Our recommendations for line managers

As a line manager, wherever you sit within the organisational hierarchy, you have a duty of care to the people you manage.

It is your responsibility to ensure that individuals have a supportive workplace within which their health and wellbeing are prioritised.

The following list relates specifically to bullying in the workplace. Please refer to other manager checklists for other areas of good management practice.

  1. Lead and be a role model for professional behaviours and management practice
  2. Be open, visible and available to all individuals within your team
  3. Read all relevant policies and understand how they relate to your role and the organisation you work in or with
  4. Implement these policies transparently, consistently and professionally
  5. Participate in relevant training and development, including good management practice, health and safety and managing investigations, where applicable
  6. Create a team culture of collaboration, cooperation and transparency, articulating appropriate team behaviours
  7. Challenge bullying behaviours, however innocuous or infrequent, when observed. Make it clear that these are unacceptable and will not be tolerated
  8. Take all concerns seriously and follow the lead from the individual and the policy. Be empathetic, ethical and engaged when an individual raises concerns about their treatment from others they work with, whether inside or outside of the organisation
  9. Regularly reflect and seek feedback on your performance and behaviours in relation to the listed bullying behaviours
  10. Listen, reflect and respond professionally to any direct feedback about the impact of your own behaviours; seek out opportunities for feedback on your management style, for example 360 feedback