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Our recommendations for targets

Over 50% of respondents were unaware of the support available to them. No one chooses to be bullied, and these recommendations have been developed to support those in this position.

The following aims to offer support and not to place any additional burden on those experiencing bullying.

  1. Read all relevant policies associated with bullying, including harassment, victimisation, grievance and whistleblowing
  2. Begin to collate your experiences and bullying behaviours to identify if there is a pattern. Keep a log of dates, times and details of bullying behaviours or incidents, including the names of witnesses
  3. Send copies of these documents and any other evidence to your home address or home email
  4. If you believe you are the subject of bullying, do not suffer in silence and seek support from wherever you feel it is most useful: colleagues, friends, family or external support, for example from your trade union, your local Citizens Advice, the Museums Association or other professional bodies
  5. Trade unions will have a lot of experience in dealing with bullying and can provide support and advice about mediation processes and investigations, and may have access to legal advice