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Bullying behaviours

The following lists a range of behaviours often described as bullying behaviours. This list can be used to:

  • Reflect on your own experience of work and relationships and provides you with ‘language’ to make sense, give feedback and seek support
  • Reflect on your own behaviours, how they might be received and the impact they may have
  • A lack of responsiveness, for example not responding to emails, questions, or phone calls
  • Aggressive behaviour, for example shouting, swearing or intruding on personal space
  • Allocation of blatantly unfair workload, unnecessarily and constantly changing priorities
  • Blame, for example being used as a scapegoat or the reason for poor quality work
  • Controlling contact with professional colleagues, for example forbidding contact or conversations with others
  • Critical comments about work without justification and/or micromanagement
  • Cyberbullying via social media, emails or internet posts
  • Direct harassment based on protected characteristics
  • Limiting access to essential information
  • Limiting opportunities for training and/or promotion
  • Minimisation of role and contribution, for example downplaying suggestions and ideas
  • Name-calling and unwanted jokes
  • Persistent unreasonable communication outside working hours
  • Physical intrusion into personal space and belongings
  • Removal of responsibilities and status
  • Taking credit for work or actions
  • Threats or comments relating to job security
  • Undermining in public and private, for example by spreading rumours