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Is hybrid working here to stay?

Many value the flexibility it provides but the sector is grappling with how it is changing working practice
Covid-19 Hybrid working
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Covid forced us into home working and, as things began to open up, the museums sector started experimenting with hybrid working - a blend of in-person and virtual. Reports have shown that many value the flexibility it provides. But is the sector capable of permanently changing our working practice?

Culture24’s survey into the impact of hybrid working painted an interesting picture of hybrid’s effect. Whilst it offers the opportunity for better work/life balance, or the potential to reach wider audiences, it also raises a number of issues.

Respondents worried about accessibility, for teams and audiences. Others were concerned about communication between team members. The survey reveals a sector optimistic about change, but cautious of the challenges change brings.

That cautious optimism surfaced again during a #MuseumHour discussion on hybrid working. The conversations showed a mix of approaches and attitudes to hybrid, from supportive organisations to others that have gone “back to normal”. But it also highlighted that even those supportive organisations are still grappling with how it’s changing their working practices.

Culture24’s upcoming Let’s Get Real action research programme will focus on hybrid working. We’re pulling together a cohort of active and engaged individuals to experiment around the opportunities and challenges together. If you’re interested and want to join the cohort, you can find out more on our website.

Whatever changes hybrid working brings, the thing we know for certain is that we need to tackle the challenges together.

Alec Ward is the digital skills manager at Culture24

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