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Connecting young people with their heritage
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The importance of digital and the role it plays within museums has without doubt increased over the past couple of years. With the expansion of digital output and platforms comes the need for analytics, to understand not only the performance of content but also the audience that interacts with us.

One of the things digital offers is an opportunity to reach a wider audience that might not have previously engaged with us. Among the groups we’ve actively been trying to target is young people. Generation Z is the first to have grown up with access to the internet and portable digital technology.

As a museum, we have a role to play in connecting young people with their heritage and in creating a more equitable museum. We want to support skills development and ensure that museums are places of inspiration for young people. To do this, we need to take museums to young people and build engagement with them. 

Is TikTok the answer? In the UK, the largest share of users on this platform is between the ages of 18 and 24. If we’re to reach young people and bring them into museums, we need to look at the most viable platforms to do so. We would also need a robust strategy to develop engaging content that targets this specific age range. Conversations are ongoing, so watch 
this space.

Nia Evans is a digital marketing manager at Amgueddfa Cymru (National Museum Wales)

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