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Vox pop | What is the best way of engaging audiences with the climate crisis?

Three museum workers give their views
Climate Crisis
Ffion Fielding
Exhibitions coordinator, Amgueddfa Cymru– National Museum Wales

“We need to live our values, and not simply tell other people what they should be doing – we’re all in this together, and we need to normalise our actions for the environment as being a part of every bit of all our lives. There are powerful displays to be had, particularly around natural science collections, but the best thing I saw was when the museum engaged with an Extinction Rebellion protest staging a ‘die in’ in our main hall – we are part of the protest, not just telling people about it.” 

Hannah-Lee Chalk
Learning manager, Manchester Museum

“The climate crisis means different things to different people, but we shouldn’t assume it’s a priority for everyone. For an issue so complex, museums should adopt an intersectional approach. This means asking audiences what matters most, personally or as a community. This can generate a spectrum of answers, from a lack of green spaces or food poverty, to litter or unemployment. From this starting point, you will be able to draw links to the climate crisis in a way that will resonate.” 

Sam Alberti
Director of collections, National Museums Scotland

“Compiling archives of biodiversity and climate change has always been a key component of National Museums Scotland’s natural history collections. Never have these holdings been of more interest to our audiences. Moreover, the diversity of our collection enables us to engage with them in a variety of ways. A recent example of our public programme includes exploration of technological solutions to the climate crisis in the Scotland’s Climate Challenge display.” 

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