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Digital | Podcasts need personality, not big budgets

Museums n’That at Leeds Museums
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Megan Jones

Lots of people working on a podcast doesn’t make it better. Listeners are craving stripped-back productions as an antidote to the celebrity-hosted pods that dominate the charts. I don’t relate to Peter Crouch as a podcaster, although he’s rarely off the top spot. 

The hosts I care about tell me they don’t know what they’re doing, apologise for their editing skills and laugh with me about it. Emulating those will serve museums much better for building relationships with new audiences.

Museums n’That is as in-house as it gets – and not just because of money. My colleague Sara and I plan, host, edit, produce and transcribe the podcast ourselves. Three months before launching, I was watching YouTube tutorials on how to use editing software. When our podcast hats come
off, we’re the audience development team, so we also manage the promotion and PR. 

If our budget ever rises, our production strategy won’t change. We know our strategy, tone and even each other’s “ums” inside out, which is so valuable for that end marketing stage. Museums n’That’s USP is personality, and it’s easier to give it that when the same two people see it through every step. 

Your museum must not worry that a low-budget podcast will compare unfavourably against big-budget, externally produced offers. It will work in its favour.

Megan Jones is a digital engagement officer at Leeds Museums And Galleries

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