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Vox pop | How is your museum tackling the climate crisis?

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Climate Crisis
Pip Diment
Temporary Head of Exhibitions and Programmes, Amgueddfa Cymru (National Museum Wales)

“First, we will obtain accreditation for our literacy course from the Carbon Literacy Trust, and roll it out across the museum. Second, as a step towards decarbonisation, we will develop our carbon management plan, gathering data across five areas of operation. Finally, we will create a three- to five-year programme of activity with our partners, acting as agents of change in raising awareness of issues around the crisis in support of the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015.”

Ian Blatchford
Director and Chief Executive, Science Museum Group

“Tackling climate change is this century’s defining challenge and the Science Museum Group recently shared its new sustainability policy, laying out our commitment to playing our part. We are the first cultural institution to use the Transition Pathway Initiative to assess partners’ progress towards decarbonisation. Our public programme includes a climate-themed Manchester Science Festival, a climate event series and the UK’s first major exhibition on carbon capture and storage.”

Ray Barnett
Head of Collections and Archives, Bristol Culture

“As well as initiatives to reduce our own carbon footprint, we are using natural history collections to raise awareness of the climate and ecological emergencies. An example is the Extinction Voices intervention in 2019, which led to us becoming the first UK institution, and seventh museum in the world, to join the United for #Biodiversity global coalition. We have a vital role in informing people about what is happening to our environment, globally and locally.”

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  1. Alexander Goodger says:

    We need to see more museums and conferences offering vegan options and plant based foods if we are to be frontrunners in social change.

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