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Good digital practice is about people

The sharp contrast between those with digital confidence and those struggling has become more apparent
Kelly Forbes
It feels as if there has never been a more important time for museums to be communicating digitally. With remote working critical to public health, the sharp contrast between those with digital confidence and those struggling becomes more apparent.
When Museums Galleries Scotland (MGS) recently launched the final strategic delivery plan in support of the national strategy, we set out to make Increasing Digital Capabilities a key focus of our activity for the next three years.
No one could foresee how quickly we would need to ramp up this activity. We’re working on pulling together immediate information and resources for museums, while continuing to scope out the long-term sector needs in Scotland.
Good digital practice has always been about people rather than technology. Seeking out those support networks early helps make digital feel less isolating. New ones are popping up all the time in response to the current crisis.
If you want a low-barrier, first entry point then an email subscription service that you access through your own email account, such as Museum Computer Group JISCmail, is a good place to start.
We should acknowledge that feeling less confident can lead to hesitancy to try ideas, or put our content and collections out into the world – and the world is scary at the moment.
Don’t let the need for perfection or fear of the unknown paralyse your ability to react, act and try new things. And remember that no one is operating in their comfort zone now, even those of us badged as digital experts.
Kelly Forbes is the digital manager at Museums Galleries Scotland

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