What are your new year’s resolutions for your museum?
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Liz Hide museums officer, University of Cambridge

“I’m going to spend less time talking about audiences, more time talking to them. Less time writing strategies, more time putting them into practice. I’m aiming for a smaller inbox and a bigger network of great people to work with. I want digital stuff to be wrapped into everything we do, not an awkward add-on.

I’ll be making sure our staff can flourish and develop, and get on with making our museums more resilient, more diverse and even more inspiring. Sounds ambitious? I’ve also got #MuseumDanceOff in my sights.”

Shona Elliott lead curator (collections access), Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums

“Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums is building a large open-access museum storage centre. One of my main resolutions will be to increase public awareness about the wonders of stored history and art collections.

I’ll be working with a broad spectrum of people to explore creative ideas for making the new centre interesting, engaging and a feast for eyes and minds.

I’ll be providing tours of the site later in the year, along with colleagues. But first, we need to move lots of objects into the new storage centre.”

Jack Kirby head of collections services, Science Museum Group

“My resolutions include directing a pilot collection’s review project, looking at the group’s energy collection.

We’re learning from others who’ve carried out reviews, and want to highlight strengths and identify duplication, making the collection better understood and more sustainable.

Although I travel between our museums regularly, I don’t see enough of the content, so
I’d like to spend more time enjoying the results of our people’s fantastic commitment to producing exhibitions such as Cosmonauts, and programmes such as the Manchester Science Festival.”

Carrie Canham curator, Ceredigion Museum

“Our new year’s resolution is to challenge our assumptions about how best to safeguard our collections and serve our community efficiently, ethically and sustainably, in the face of austerity.

Hopefully, Santa will have brought us good news from the Heritage Lottery Fund, so we can embark on our New Approaches project from a position of strength.

If not, we will be looking long and hard at where we focus our efforts in 2016. Funding success or not, we will be working with the Happy Museum Project to plan a way forward.”

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