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Child labour doesn't need to be history
Maev Kennedy
I know, I know, I do understand the strain you’re all under. Five unfilled vacancies – and frankly I’m not convinced we’re ever going to be able to replace our much missed keeper of early 18th-century wheelbarrows.

Poor Mike is still doubling up on pre-Roman and Minis and Moptops: Our Swinging Sixties. (Mike, by the way, I walked through your gallery last night, and you’ll really have to get conservation onto the lava lamp, it’s an appalling sight now). And Education off on maternity leave – again – but we do have to make some provision for the little brutes.

So here are a few holiday activity suggestions, and if we all keep cool heads and a ready supply of paracetemol, they’ll be safely behind bars in school again in no time.

The Victorian Kitchen! Come to the museum at 5am (bakers start early!) and learn how to bake a delicious range of baguettes, ciabattas, pizzas and muffins.

Make a Meal Of It! Hands-on session – come to our cafe at 10am, and learn how to price up, package and retail a range of delicious baguettes, ciabattas, pizzas and muffins.

Teddy Bear’s Picnic! Buy a cuddly Millennium bear at a special price from our museum shop (Fran, could you check? We still had six crates of the wretched Millibears when I last looked.) then bring him for a delicious tea in the garden, with a yummy range of baguettes, ciabattas, pizzas and muffins.

Splish Splosh! Join our gardener in digging out our lovely heritage pond – and remember, any old pennies you find, you keep. But leave the goldfish, we think some of them may actually still be alive.

Spit Spot, practically perfect housekeeping! Leave your shoes in the cloakroom, come to the great hall in your socks and learn how to make that Victorian tile floor really shine (the traditional lavender floorwax is provided free).

After the fiasco over the asbestos last summer, I’ve reluctantly decided we should drop the Build It! sessions. It’s a shame, because we really should be cracking on with the extension – but hey, there’s always half term.

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