From Mixing The Colours, a project led by Glasgow Women's Library

Glasgow Women's Library to assess equality in museums

Simon Stephens, 26.02.2018
Part of wider project to widen access, representation and inclusion
Glasgow Women's Library is conducting a survey into approaches to equality, diversity and inclusion in Scottish museums.

The survey, which is part of the wider Equality in Progress project, is open to all paid staff, freelances and volunteers.

"The Equality in Progress project ultimately aims to support the wider museum sector to gain a better understanding of 'equality' as a theory with the intention of widening access, representation and inclusion of people with protected characteristics," says Rachel Thain-Gray, the Equality in Progress project coordinator at Glasgow Women's Library.

"As an equality-led museum we hope to share our frameworks, practice and ethos to support the development of 'automatic' thinking on access for all, as visitors and as workforce."

The closing date to complete the survey is 12 March. On that date, the Equality in Progress project will open a further survey to gather self-reported qualitative information from museum staff with protected characteristics.

Equality in Progress is funded by the Scottish Government and the European Social Fund.

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