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Micro-grants to help Welsh museums adapt to new curriculum

GEM Cymru resources will support sector to meet changing needs of teachers
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Participants in a museum education workshop
Participants in a museum education workshop

The Group for Education in Museums (GEM) Cymru is developing resources that will help Welsh museums to adapt to the new Curriculum for Wales, which launches in September 2022.

The group has received funding from the Welsh Government Culture Division to support learning provision that ties in with the new curriculum.

As part of this, GEM Cymru is launching an action research programme in the four areas of Wales to help museums develop best practice and partnership working and to create new curriculum resources.

Accredited museums can apply for a micro-grant of up to £1,200 (up to a maximum of £3,500 per region) for activity between September 2022 and January 2023. The application deadline is 12 September 2022. The application form is available on the GEM website

GEM Cymru is also providing awareness and training programmes to museum staff and developing a “how to” toolkit for local museums to address the changing needs of teachers.

The organisation will establish a “critical path” for museums to engage with teachers and students when exploring the meaning and implications of “cynefin” – a key concept in the curriculum that means sense of place for every learner and future citizen.


GEM Cymru will develop a “Cynefin/local history awareness” school session for use by museums, archives and local studies libraries with their local community.

It will also publish a bilingual case study publication for teachers with examples of best practice from local Welsh museums who have adapted their learning services in light of the new demands from schools.

Dawn Bowden, deputy minister for arts and sport, said: “Through this work, GEM Cymru will help local museums, libraries and archives across Wales adapt and improve their services to schools and families as the new Curriculum for Wales is introduced. We very much look forward to working with them.”

GEM director Rachel Tranter said: “We are delighted to support museums in Wales and offer new opportunities to the local professional community of museum educators with the immense change to the Curriculum for Wales. I hope that GEM micro-grants can stimulate innovative thinking and practice across the sector.”

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