Share your case studies of working with people with dementia

Museums Journal is looking for examples of good practice and innovative work
Older People
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National Museums Liverpool runs House of Memories dementia awareness for family carers
National Museums Liverpool runs House of Memories dementia awareness for family carers Gareth Jones

Museums across the UK have offered workshops and creative programmes for people with varying stages of dementia for some time, often providing outreach work with hospitals and care homes, as well as in-house sessions.

Covid-19 has disrupted that much of that work. Sharing good and new practice is an important part of Museums Journal, and we are looking to publish case studies from museums, galleries and other heritage bodies that are adapting their programmes – or planning new projects – to continue supporting people with dementia and their families or carers.

Case studies should be about 600 words long and seek to address the following:

  • How your organisation worked with people with dementia before Covid-19 (if applicable).
  • The impact the pandemic has had on the above and how you are responding.
  • The challenges as well as any positive outcomes.
  • Your future plans.
  • Any advice for other museums looking to undertake this work.

Please include your name, job title and organisation (if applicable) in your case study and any additional information such as budgets.

Please email your responses to the above questions along with high-res photographs to accompany your case study to

We will publish case studies in Museums Journal online and in print copies of the magazine. Submissions remain open until further notice – please contact Rebecca Atkinson if you have any questions.