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One for the roads
Funding Heritage Fund
The National Lottery Heritage Fund will soon launch a cultural programme as part of the £95m Heritage High Streets investment unveiled by the UK government earlier this year, which is intended to breathe new life into historic town centres across England.

Under the scheme, 69 high streets have been designated Heritage Action Zones. According to a Heritage Fund spokesman, the cultural programme will support a wide range of activity that aims to use culture to bring more people and a wider range of people to high streets; support greater use of high streets and increase dwell time; create greater pride, sense of community and wellbeing; and support local organisations, communities and stakeholders to sustain the future benefits of the programme.

The Heritage Fund will run development days on the cultural programme in the new year in conjunction with Historic England, which is another partner organisation in the scheme. Full details of the grant-giving process will be released early next year.

Meanwhile, museum professionals in Scotland can get up to £500 to attend Subject Specialist Network events, thanks to a new Museums Galleries Scotland travel bursary.

It is open to organisations that run an Accredited museum in Scotland, and can be used to support the accommodation and travel costs of a member of staff or speaker. Applications can be made at any time but must be submitted before travel and accommodation has been booked.

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