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Wrexham outlines goals for national football museum

New venue to be built at Wrexham Museum
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Wrexham County Borough Council is moving forward with plans to create a national football museum in the north Wales town.
The council's executive board has given the green light for council officers to enter into discussions regarding the establishment of a museum with the Welsh Government. Wrexham is also talking to government officials about appointing the lead architect and design team for the football museum, which will be built at Wrexham Museum.
The council hopes that the team will be in place by the end of the summer or early autumn and plans can move forward more quickly after that.
There are a small number of councillors who want the museum to be built at Wrexham AFC's Racecourse Ground instead of the museum. But the council’s proposal was unanimously passed by its executive board.
“From the view point of the Welsh Government, Wrexham County Borough Council and myself, the independent consultants recommended Wrexham Museum as the most appropriate location and we fully support this,” said Hugh Jones, the deputy leader at Wrexham council. 
“My understanding from discussions between senior officers of the council and Wrexham FC is that this is their view as well. We are committed to delivering the museum within Wrexham Museum and work is going ahead on that basis.”
These latest developments follow the Welsh government’s response in May this year to feasibility studies for two new national museums, including the football museum and a National Contemporary Art Gallery for Wales.
The studies were first published last year. The Welsh Government has set aside £10m in capital funds to progress the projects.

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