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Was Croydon right to sell the Riesco Collection?

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Croydon Council has sold 17 Chinese ceramics from its Riesco Collection at auction in Hong Kong for £8.24m, despite pressure from the Museums Association (MA) and some members of the local community.

The collection of rare ceramics was transferred into the council’s ownership in 1964 from the estate of local businessman Raymond Riesco, as part of an agreement by the council to buy part of Riesco’s land upon his death.

Croydon Council says the sale willl provide investment for the future benefit of culture in Croydon.

A local community group’s legal challenge to stop the sale was called off after it failed to raise sufficient funds. The MA has barred Croydon Council from future membership, and Arts Council England is due to announce whether it will strip the council of Accredited status later this week.

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