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Teenagers produce manifesto for museums

Film suggests ways to improve museums for teens
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Kids in Museums has produced a film outlining what teenagers want from museums.

The film was shot, scripted, edited and presented by teenagers at Newport Museum and Art Gallery and Wrexham County Borough Museum and Archives.

Our Take is described as a teenage manifesto and makes suggestions for what museums could do better to attract young audiences.

The film was funded by the Welsh government and is part of its Changing Cultures initiative, which aims to find different ways of enabling access and participation in museums.

In the film the participants describe their mission to give an “honest account” of what teenagers want from museums.

Their ideas include suggestions on how to improve orientation and layout as well as pleas for more audio, chill out areas and comfortable seating, a more playful approach to display, and displays that appeal to all five senses.

They also suggested advertising events and exhibitions in places that teenagers hangout.

Minister for culture, John Griffiths, said it was refreshing to see young people taking ownership and coming up with ideas on how to make museums more relevant to young people.

The film is available in Welsh and English and as a DVD or online: http://kidsinmuseums.org.uk/our-take/

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