Andrew Dixon quits his post at Creative Scotland

Chief executive leaves following criticism of running of organisation
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Geraldine Kendall Adams
The chief executive of Creative Scotland, Andrew Dixon, has resigned in the wake of heavy criticism from the Scottish arts sector over the running of the organisation.

Dixon is understood to be receiving a £60,000 pay-off and will leave at the end of this month.

In October, the national funding body, which hands out £83m a year to the arts sector, received an open letter signed by more than 100 artists and cultural bodies slamming it over what they described as an intrusive management style and lack of empathy for culture.

The letter accused Creative Scotland of setting “artist against artist”. It had come under fire earlier in the year after a shake-up ended regular funding for 49 arts bodies.

Dixon was brought in to oversee the development of the new quango after the Scottish Arts Council and Scottish Screen merged in 2010.

In his resignation statement, he said: “I have been disappointed, given my track record, not to gain the respect and support of some of the more established voices in Scottish culture.

“I hope that my resignation will clear the way for a new phase of collaboration between artists and Creative Scotland.”

Venu Dhupa, the organisation’s director of creative development, is also stepping down. Recruitment for a new chief executive will start immediately.

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