Deadlines approach for NI consultations

Call for responses to museum review and culture budget cuts
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Interested parties have been urged to respond to a review into the impact of museums and a consultation into the proposed culture and arts budget cut in Northern Ireland.

The deadline for written submissions to the Northern Ireland Assembly’s committee for culture, arts and leisure review into museums is 21 January.

Barry McElduff, chairman of the committee, said the review will explore how museums can help boost the economy and tourism. “We will also look at the current and potential social influence that museums have on communities, given that they are defined as ‘shared spaces’ – where people of all ages, race, religion, gender and sexual orientation are welcome,” he added.

The committee will take evidence from specialist bodies that have expertise in assisting museums to monitor their impact and will look at ways of bringing museums in Northern Ireland into line with good practice elsewhere in Europe.

The results of the review are likely to be published and debated in the Assembly before its dissolution 2011. Submissions can be emailed to

Click here for more information on the Committee for Culture, Arts and Leisure review


Meanwhile, a campaign to protect the culture and arts budget in Northern Ireland is urging members of the public to respond to the draft Executive’s draft budget 2011-15 consultation.

The budget, published at the end of last year, proposed a 9% cut to Northern Ireland’s Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure over the next four years. The cuts are equal to £14.5m and represent one of the largest cuts compared with other government departments, according to the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

The Arts Council of Northern Ireland has now launched a Campaign for a Fair Deal for the Arts, and is urging people to respond to the budget ahead of the 9 February deadline.

Roisin McDonough, chief executive of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, said: "The proposed budget cuts are disproportionately high compared with other sectors. These cuts will make a negligible impact on the deficit, yet cause untold damage to this tiny but important sector.”

Click here to find out more about the campaign

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