Patrick Kelly, Author at Museums Association

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Patrick Kelly

Patrick Kelly freelance journalist

Patrick Kelly is an editor at Arts Industry and a freelance journalist

Rewriting history

An ambitious project to digitise Ireland’s lost public records will aid the study of the nation’s history, says Patrick Kelly

Belfast stories  

Patrick Kelly discovers a growing band of small, volunteer-run museums that are revealing local communities’ experiences of the Troubles

Home truths

As Hillsborough Castle opens to the public, Patrick Kelly looks at how Northern Ireland’s country houses are interpreting their fascinating but troubled history

Common ground

Museums and libraries are using their collections to mark the 50th anniversary of the start of the Troubles and to highlight the shared heritage of unionist and nationalist communities in Northern Ireland. By Patrick Kelly

On the border

Despite recent progress in negotiations between the EU and the UK government, there are still concerns about the impact that Brexit might have on the cultural landscape in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Patrick Kelly reports

Writing home

Patrick Kelly explores the wealth of museums dedicated to Irish writers and poets

History lessons

Patrick Kelly on the new breed of museums in Northern Ireland which, far from sweeping old divisions under the carpet, are embracing distinct identities

Animal magic

Taxidermy might appear to be a dying art, but a growing interest in the material world and the involvement of artists is giving it a new lease of life. By Patrick Kelly