Juliana Gilling, Author at Museums Association

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Juliana Gilling

Juliana Gilling freelance journalist

Juliana Gilling is a freelance journalist and the contributing Eeditor at Funworld magazine

Healing power

Medical museums are putting patient experiences at the heart of collections as they develop new ways to treat emotive subjects, writes Juliana Gilling

Get on board

A more representative set of trustees will have a trickle-down effect on the workforce and provide a diversity of thought and life experience that will make for a better museum. Juliana Gilling reports

Righting wrongs

Ten years after the creation of the Spoliation Advisory Panel are museums any closer to returning Nazi loot to its rightful owners? By Juliana Gilling

Hooray, Henry?

There is huge public interest in Henry VIII, so museums have been working hard to make sure their exhibitions stand out among the multitude of events in 2009 to mark the 500th anniversary of his accession to the throne, writes Juliana Gilling

History lesson

As the University of Cambridge celebrates its 800th anniversary, Juliana Gilling looks at how its museums are reaching out beyond the narrow confines of academia

Joining the Scots

The Museum of Scotland made a bold architectural, political and cultural statement when it opened 10 years ago. Juliana Gilling looks at how it might develop in the future