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Front-of-House Charter for Change

Improving the experience of work for our front-of-house colleagues

In 2022 we were delighted to publish the Front-of-House Charter for Change. Created with Front of House Museums and our project team, the charter explores how we can improve the treatment and experience of front-of-house museum colleagues through the commitment of organisations, line managers and others.

We are committed to the inclusive and professional treatment of front-of-house workers, and we believe that front-of-house roles are a profession and career pathway in their own right.

Following successful engagement with and response to the Front-of-House Charter for Change survey, sector testing and conference presentations, we are proud to launch this charter, which has been developed with the insights of our front-of-house colleagues.

The charter
Tamsin Russell, workforce development officer at the MA, introduces the Charter for Change

We have developed a range of resources to advocate for increased understanding and improved treatment of front-of-house colleagues, including a summary research report, and these will be published over the next few months.