Choose a mentor

Helping you navigate your AMA journey

After completing your self review the next step is to choose a mentor.

Your AMA mentor will help you navigate your AMA journey and support your development. The relationship lasts for the duration of your AMA and you will meet with your mentor four times a year.

To have an effective mentoring relationship, mentors and mentees must have a clear understanding of the mentoring process and have shared expectations of the relationship. This is developed through the first mentor conversation where you will discuss your mentoring agreement and sign it off.

Your mentor is one of the most important elements of your AMA and so you need to think about what you want or need in a mentor:

  • What characteristics or skills?
  • What experience?
  • What specialism?
  • Where are they located?
  • What type of museum do they work in?
  • Who else do they know?

The extent to which having someone similar to yourself or very different really depends on your aspirations. If you are the only person working in learning in your organisation you may want to choose a specialist in learning. If you feel your career to date has been too narrow you may want to have a mentor from a different discipline. You may want to find out about different museum types.

The Museums Association will send you a list of current mentors and a mentoring agreement form, and we recommend you reflect on what role you want your mentor to play. We have over 160 AMA mentors so there will be one that is right for you. Look through your nation or region and based on what you want in a mentor create a longlist. You may want to Google, look them up on LinkedIn or perhaps follow them on Twitter to get a better idea of their approach and recent work. Let us know your longlist and we will then send you the detailed mentor profiles.

Once you have looked through the detailed mentor profiles you should be able to create a shortlist. We recommend that you prioritise and then contact your preferred mentor first and work your way down the list. Don’t worry about losing time – whilst you find a mentor you can still begin to think about your CPD Plan in readiness for your first mentoring session.

Email your mentor outlining briefly who you are and your experience; what attracted you to choose them and why you think it will be a good fit. You could attach your completed self review or CV to give them insights into your current experience. They will email you back either to say they are not available and/or to arrange next steps. This could be face to face or by telephone.

In the majority of cases this first contact will start your mentoring relationship. In the event that your chosen mentor doesn’t think there is a good fit then they may suggest you contact another mentor on your short-list. Equally, if you feel that they are not going to meet your needs then it is fine to let them know this and then continue down your short-list.

If you want more information about any of the mentors on the list or any other guidance, please contact We are happy to give you some suggestions and advice about mentor that may meet your needs.