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Your CPD log

Reflecting and recording your professional development is crucial to making the most of your AMA

A key element that makes the AMA a continuing professional development (CPD) programme is the reflection and recording of development activity.

The CPD log supports your learning by creating a framework for recording and reflecting on your developmental activities.

The CPD log has the following headings to help you capture your learning:

  • Date: when the development activity was undertaken
  • Hours: time spent on the development activity (remember you need 35 hours of CPD per year for your AMA)
  • Activity: a brief description of the activity
  • Reflection: captures the ‘take home’ learning from the development activity – what have you learned, and how could you apply it or have you applied it

The Excel version also includes the following optional headings, which you can use depending on the approach and level of detail you want to include:

  • Self review: highlighting the goal the activity relates to
  • AMA competencies: highlighting the AMA competency the activity relates to
  • Principles of Code of Ethics: highlighting the Code of Ethics principle the activity relates to
  • Principles of Museums Change Lives: highlighting the Museums Change Lives tenet the activity relates to

You can also add other headings, for example, goal number. This enables you to collate all the development activity associated with a particular development goal in your CPD plan.

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