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Our findings: support and action

We were interested in the extent to which individuals felt supported by their line manager and their organisation, and the potential action taken.

  • 41% of respondents were aware of internal or external procedures or support
  • Many felt internal procedures were opaque and were not confident in the value they would add or the difference they would make
  • Previous experiences of similar situations and knowledge of the organisation’s track record made individuals sceptical of any positive outcome, for example when perpetrators were ‘supported’ by those in power
  • Specifically, respondents had concerns about the role of HR in the process. It was felt their priority was to protect the organisation rather than the individual. In some cases, the bullying was being undertaken by individuals within the HR department which affected reporting

As part of this respondents were asked about any action they had taken, formal or informal. The respondents could select as many as applied.

talked to colleagues for support and understanding
raised it with their direct line manager
took external advice
for example friends, family, Citizens Advice
raised it with their human resources department
raised it with their senior line manager
raised a formal grievance or requested mediation
raised it with their trade union
  • Many felt they could not take action for a number of reasons, for example they were too exhausted to start the process, they were frightened they would not get a good reference, and on a number of occasions were advised not to take any action or take it further
  • In addition, many did not recognise that they were being bullied and did not seek support at the time