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Our findings: impact

The impacts of bullying are varied and lasted different lengths of time. Of our respondents:

described psychological impacts with health implications*
described physical impacts with health implications
felt their work performance was affected
for example having an inability to focus on work or being able to work with others
said bullying had an impact on non-work life
for example having to relocate, impacts on parenting abilities
described physical impacts with health implications
for example stress-related heart issues, physical exhaustion, IBS, insomnia, miscarriage and self-harm
felt the bullying affected their reputation and/or their ability to earn
for example not applying for other jobs due to lack of self-esteem

* These include being signed off work, lacking self-esteem and confidence, being depressed, being anxious, having panic attacks, being frightened, having feelings of shame, embarrassment and consideration of or suicide attempts and nervous breakdown.