Recognition - Museums Association


Front-of-house colleagues are the face of the museum. The experience is made possible by these museum professionals engaging with visitors, supporting visitor safety, and working to their varied needs. Front-of-house colleagues contribute to an engaging and positive museum experience for all visitors.

We need to commit to recognising talent and contribution across all functions and teams in museums, especially front-of-house colleagues, as these roles may have previously been ‘side-lined’ or diminished as a result of organisational hierarchy and bias.

For example, we should ensure:

  • Front-of-house colleagues are seen as individuals in their own right rather than as a homogeneous group. There is often greater diversity within front-of-house teams than other areas of the museum workforce
  • Skills, knowledge and insights are valued and recognised, for example by seeking out views and observations to improve practice
  • We acknowledge all colleagues, for example by using first names, saying good morning, thank you and goodbye
  • All contributions are valued and recognised, by giving thanks and praise and enabling all staff to participate in celebrations
  • That front-of-house colleagues are encouraged and able to represent their organisation, when appropriate
  • That front-of-house colleagues are recognised for their role in creating and delivering temporary exhibitions as others would be
  • The role of colleagues is not devalued in public or private, e.g. on Twitter
  • Any recognition systems are in line with other areas of the organisation