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Private passion

Sharon Heal visits west London to see how order has been restored to the vast and eclectic collection of Thomas Layton

Enforcing abolition

Julia Edge on a compact exhibition that follows the role Britain's navy played in trying to stop slave traders in the wake of the abolition act

Kids’ stuff

Rebecca Mileham says the National Trust needs to build on its winning approach to interpretation for children at Chastleton House to make the property a real success

Travels with my armchair

Maria Blyzinsky enjoys the new home of a museum that contains the remarkable range of objects amassed by the Victorian collectors Richard and Henry Cuming

A sketchy start

Middlesbrough's new art space may be glamorous and informal, but the content falls way short of what the city deserves, writes Caroline Worthington

At the coalface

Sharon Heal makes a pit stop at the Scottish Mining Museum, which shows what life was like for those working in this unforgiving industry

Opening this month

From the elaborate art of Iran's Book of Kings to the plain space of John Pawson: Geraldine Kendall selects the pick of September's new exhibitions