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Revealing Doctor Who

Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery, University of GlasgowThe Hunterian has made a small budget go a long way in a refurbishment that sheds light on the museum's founder, says Stuart Burch

The order of things

Whatever their areas of expertise, all museum curators know about classification. Categorising and classifying individual items is how collections are created and sense is made from an array of artefacts. In this way, systems of knowledge are created. In natural history especially, classificatory activities usually follow a scientific method begun by the Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus. But what if one were to skew things a bit? The Argentine novelist Jorge Luis Borges once imagined a world in which animals were classified as either belonging to the emperor or not. It's between these two worlds that the American artist Mark Dion operates.

Hospital drama

Sharon Heal on how the Florence Nightingale Museum wants to resuscitate the story of Britain's most famous nurse

Wellcome home

Penny Ritchie Calder says the £30m London venue housing the remarkable range of artefacts amassed by Henry Wellcome is a fitting tribute to one of the world's most extraordinary collectors

A new face: Beningbrough Hall, York

The National Portrait Gallery and the National Trust have joined forces to create what they claim is an innovative and ambitious redisplay for a historic house. Javier Pes judges its success

Family affair

A museum that tells the story of the Salomons family has made a small grant awarded for its redevelopment go a long way, writes Sharon Heal