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Plans for National Migration Museum in Liverpool

Devolution agreement could also result in a change of business model for NML
Nicola Sullivan
A project to create a National Migration Museum in Liverpool forms part of the city’s regional devolution agreement.

A spokesman from Liverpool City Council said the proposals for the new museum are at an early stage and no decision has been made about where it could be located.

According to a report by the Echo newspaper, the Ellis Island-style venue would explore centuries of immigration to and from the city’s port.  

The plans coincide with the work of the Migration Museum Project to create the UK’s first dedicated migration museum in London.

Sophie Henderson, the director of the Migration Museum Project, said: “Liverpool obviously has a hugely important migration story to tell. In principle we welcome the idea of as many institutions as possible telling migration stories.

"This is what we are all about, and our aim is not only to establish a Migration Museum hub in London, but also to encourage and enable migration story telling in other institutions around the UK.

“We are, and always have been, entirely collaborative in our efforts and outputs, and hope to learn more about Liverpool’s plans and work with them in developing what we are sure is likely to be a complementary offer.”
Liverpool’s devolution package, signed last week, is likely to change the way National Museums Liverpool (NML) is run and managed.

“The Liverpool city region will engage with the government to explore options around a sustainable and viable business model for NML by the end of this financial year. This will ensure that NML continues to make a strong and sustainable contribution to the city and region’s cultural infrastructure and visitor economy offer,” the devolution agreement states.
It has been speculated that the Walker Art Gallery, the Lady Lever Gallery and the Museum of Liverpool could pass to local authority control.

But a spokeswoman for NML said details of any changes could not be confirmed as this stage.
In a statement, David Fleming, the director of NML, said: “Liverpool city region's devolution agreement with government illustrates how important NML is to Merseyside. We look forward to being involved in further discussions to secure a sustainable future for the museums.”
The devolution agreement also stated that any change of business model for NML would be subject to ministerial approval.

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