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LTM licenses online retailer to produce and sell posters

Museum also launches pop-up shop
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London Transport Museum (LTM) has for the first time licensed a third-party to print and sell posters from its iconic collection.

As part of a new partnership with King & McGaw, the largest art website in Europe, the museum has licensed 120 designs from its 5,000-strong poster collection. The chosen posters are representative of the museum and also fall into popular themes, such as the countryside, sport and seasonal images.

LTM will receive commission on every poster sold, giving King & McGaw the freedom to set its own prices. The retailor already works with a number of retailers and, as part of the next phase of the partnership, it is hoped that LTM posters could go on sale in high street shops such as John Lewis.

“One of the challenges for LTM is how to promote our poster collection and engage with customers better," said David Burns, the museum's assistant director of commerce. "This partnership will give better visibility to our posters."

LTM is also trialling a 12-month pop-up shop in South Kensington Tube station, which will sell products from the museum shop as well as tickets to visit its site in Covent Garden.

“Pop-up shops are a huge retail trend at the moment, and this will be an opportunity to explore whether they can be profitable for the museum and also promote our brand,” Burns said.

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