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John Holt

John Holt freelance writer

As well as monthly pieces in Museums Journal, John Holt has written for AIM, Collections Trust and DCMS. His work has also appeared in The Guardian, Sunday Telegraph and Country Life

Best in show

Lights at Sunset in Ostia by Tullio Crali, 1930, Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art, London

Elbow grease

From tiny timepieces to industrial-scale machinery, our museums’ mechanical exhibits and experiences are things of wonder, thanks to the army of maintenance people who keep them all in good working order

Battle lines

Many military museums have a fight on their hands as they face funding troubles or – in some cases – the threat of closure. But they are soldiering on and confronting the additional challenges posed by the British Army’s labyrinthine mergers and a diminishing public appetite for graphic war stories with a charm offensive full of heartwarming tales of ordinary people in very difficult circumstances. John Holt talks to some of those on the front line