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Support for Ukraine

The Museums Association supports the International Council of Museums’ (ICOM) condemnation of the invasion of Ukraine by Russian Federation military forces and echoes its concern about the risks faced by museum professionals on the ground in Ukraine.

Please see below for information on two schemes in place to support Ukrainian museum professionals.

ICOM Poland scheme

The MA’s Benevolent Fund will provide funds to support the provision of 20 grants of 850 Euros to ICOM Poland’s scheme to assist Ukrainian museum professionals in Poland.

If you wish to help us provide further support to this scheme, you can donate to the MA via our donation appeal page. All funds donated will be passed on to ICOM Poland for this purpose.

MA memberships for Ukrainian colleagues

We will also offer 100 free two-year MA essential memberships to any Ukrainian museum colleagues affected by the conflict. If you wish to apply for a free membership, please email

We will share this offer as widely as possible, but please also share with your networks.

“The two Ukraine relief programmes announced today follow up with practical action the solidarity already expressed by the MA for Ukrainian museum workers. The programmes will benefit people whether they are still working in their museums or have taken refuge abroad.

“Our thanks to ICOM Poland and the MA team who have worked together to develop the detail of the scheme, and to the group of Ukrainian museum professionals who will help with its administration.

“Anyone can donate in support of the Ukraine relief programmes, including with Gift Aid, and I hope they will.”

Stephen Clews, Chair, Benevolent Fund

“I’d like to thank the trustees of the Benevolent Fund, and our colleagues at ICOM Poland, for enabling and delivering this urgent programme of support. Many UK Museums Association members are already taking action, in their personal and professional lives, to help people seeking refuge and to champion Ukrainian heritage while their lives and culture are under attack.

“We hope that this scheme, which provides both immediate financial aid for individuals and longer term sectoral support, will make a difference to those most in need, when they need it most.”

Gillian Findlay, President, Museums Association

Image: National Museum of the History of Ukraine, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0 Sergey UA Kiev