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Conference 2024: The Joy of Museums booking open now – Book before 31 March 2024 for a 10% discount

Taking Action on Climate Justice

The Museum Essentials Taking Action on Climate Justice course is divided into five sections:

  1. Overview (this section)
  2. Raise awareness
  3. Champion change
  4. Be the change
  5. Put it into practice

The course aims to support your journey, help you think about opportunities where you can make an impact, build your understanding of the issues and make connections with colleagues across the sector and beyond.

At the beginning of each section, we will share learning objectives and ask you to reflect on what you want to know, what you currently know and how it relates to your practice. This will help you develop your own learning objectives.

Your learning is further supported by different optional exercises grouped under the following four headings:

Reflecting – exercises associated with thinking about your own professional practice, organisational practice and sector practice, and assessing your knowledge and experience to consolidate your learning.

Doing/watching – exercises associated with action, making notes on documents, seeking further information and watching films.

Connecting – exercises associated with making connections with others – specialist groups, colleagues within the organisation/sector; others outside and also with other learners.

Reading – exercises associated with reading case studies, reports, standards, books, articles and papers.

We hope that, by providing a mix of information, exercises, resources and signposting, you will be able to develop your confidence and competence around your own practice in relation to understanding and taking action on climate justice.

Our online learning courses will support your awareness and practice at levels 1 and 2 of the competency framework and can contribute towards your AMA continuing professional development.

How to complete the course

For each lesson there are topics (exercises) that need to be completed in order to progress. You will see the topics that you need to complete below once you click expand. Click Expand all to see all the lessons and topics (exercises). When you finish each topic mark it as complete and you will automatically progress to the next topic or lesson.

Throughout the course you can see what your progress is and if you take a break from the course, you can return to the course later and pick up where you left off.

The course is divided into 5 sections with 5 lessons in each section. It takes 5-15 hours to complete and can be worked on in stages. 

Content warning:

This course, which deals with the reality of the climate crisis as well as social injustice, can be difficult and may cause intense emotional responses. We encourage you to think about your own mental health and wellbeing throughout and, if necessary, take a break. You may find resources on the MA’s Wellbeing Hub supportive at this time.

We also recommend finding a trusted colleague, friend or relative who you can discuss your feelings about the issues raised. Be aware that although climate anxiety is not currently a diagnosable condition in the UK, the symptoms (from panic attacks to feeling depressed) should be addressed seriously by doctors. If you think you may have these then you should seek professional help and contact your GP, or call the NHS on 111, in the first instance. The issue of eco-anxiety was covered in a recent Museums Journal article.

Friends of the Earth has also published a guide to coping with eco anxiety.

To begin please click Introduction to Taking Action on Climate Justice below.

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