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Ali Thomas, head of volunteering and engagement at Imperial War Museums, tells us about IWM’s volunteers across its five sites.

What do a bunker, a warship, a mile long historic airfield, an asylum and a museum all have in common?

Answer: Extraordinary IWM volunteers.

With a global agenda, over 33 million unique items in our collection and around 2.5 million visitors in a typical year, it may not surprise you to learn that Imperial War Museums has just over 1,000 volunteers supporting our cause in front, back of house and remote roles.

Our volunteers are extraordinary. Extraordinary, everyday people who wish to help us tell the stories of lives changed by war and conflict across a range of roles and functions.

Most recently, we have been operating in exceptional times (like most others) and we wanted to take this moment to acknowledge every one of our volunteers for their continued commitment and brilliance. You help to make our branches the unique and special places they are today; thank you.

It’s humbling and enriching to share stories of conflict and heroic deeds and its impact on humans, wherever in the world it unfolds. At the same time, there is hope and encouragement of a brighter future and you can [as a volunteer], even in a short period, make a big difference in making someone’s visit truly memorable.

Piyali, Churchill War Rooms volunteer

Meeting new people and making new friends at an iconic establishment and, in my own way, giving something back to the people who have served their country keeps me coming back week on week.

Ray, Imperial War Museum North volunteer

We take pride in being a leader of volunteers and we are so proud of you all. Happy Volunteers’ Week.

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Photo: IWM Volunteer Recognition Event, 5 May 2022