Janette Park FMA - Museums Association

Janette Park FMA

Curator, Stromness Museum

I had presumed that the FMA was something that you did just prior to retirement.  To gain an FMA would show you had made a valuable contribution to the museum sector.

So, why did I decide to undertake my FMA at the age of 47?  The initial interest came at a ‘Rethinking Leadership Symposium’ in 2018. I found myself among the more experienced, or mature delegates, having enjoyable conversations with younger colleagues, about my career and being asked for advice on theirs. 

As a mentor and team manager I support and inspire my own staff to think outside the box and ‘reach for the stars’.

I find supporting and encouraging others to achieve their ambitions personally rewarding. Considering the FMA led to reflection on my career to date, milestones I had achieved and what my future milestones could be.

I found making time to undertake the FMA paperwork and process very valuable. Self-analysis and reflection on my experiences of leadership, self development, supporting others, advocacy and ethics gave me the opportunity to identify my strengths and also gave me confidence to apply for my FMA. 

In preparation for my review I reflected on my achievements and how I can build on my experience to support positive change within the sector at local, national and international level.  

For me personally, the attainment of the FMA demonstrates that there is no such thing as geographical remoteness in the digital age. I have built up and work within successful networks of colleagues both within the UK and Canada while living and working in the Orkney Islands. 

I look forward to the next stage of my career as a FMA, which will enable me to affect positive change within the sector and beyond.