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Must reads

There is a vast array of reading material to help prepare you for a museum studies course, and every course will have recommended reading for each module. It’s worth asking a tutor if you can see a reading list in advance, to give you an idea of the material you are expected to cover. Some or all of these are likely to feature on reading lists:

General reading
  • Heritage, Museums and Galleries: An Introductory Reader, edited by Gerard Corsane (2005) London, Routledge 
  • The Thing About Museums: Objects and Experience, Representation and Contestation, edited by Sandra Dudley, Amy Jane Barnes, Jennifer Binne, Julia Petrov and Jennifer Walklate (2012) Routledge
  • Museums, Heritage and International Development, edited by Paul Basu and Wayne Modest (2014) London, Routledge
  • Heritage: Critical Approaches, edited by Rodney Harrison (2013) London, Routledge
  • Campaigns section of this website, including the Code of Ethics, Museums Change Lives and many other reports
  • Museum Activism (Museum Meanings), edited by Robert Janes and Richard Sandell (2019) Routledge
  • Engaging the Visitor: Designing Exhibits that Work, edited by Stephen Bitgood (2014) MuseumsEtc
  • Preventive Conservation in Museums, edited by Chris Caple (2011) Routledge
Magazines and journals to look out for
  • Cultural Trends
  • Curator
  • International Journal of Heritage Studies
  • Journal of Education in Museums
  • Museum Management and Curatorship
  • Museums Journal

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