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Your CPD plan

The focus of the AMA is on becoming a well-rounded museum professional, by developing a range of expertise that supports your own overarching career aspiration.

You can begin drafting your CPD plan as soon as you wish. When you have a mentor they will also support you in developing your CPD plan for submission.

The CPD plan asks you to think about:

  • your career aspirations
  • where you would like to be at the end of your AMA – 3 years away
  • where you would like to be further in the future.

Once you have defined your career aspirations you can begin to think about the steps to achieve them.

The template CPD plan you can download below has three columns:


Create a destination statement; an outcome or a goal.

You need to create five statements or goals.


Identify the knowledge, skills and experience you need to develop to reach your goals.


The development activities you need to undertake to develop the knowledge and skills to help reach your goals.

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