Resources and other work from the MA - Museums Association

Resources and other work from the MA

Workforce research

This wellbeing research and its recommendations build on previous MA work on wellbeing. The recommendations from the following campaigns may also support the wellbeing challenges identified.

Salary Research and Recommendations

Sector-wide research at an organisational level was undertaken in 2022 to look at the current pay picture within the sector. The research includes 10 recommendations to address the serious issues around low pay in the museum sector.

Front-of-House Charter for Change

Sector research, in partnership with Front of House in Museums, was carried out in 2021 to explore the experience of front-of-house colleagues. 40 recommendations, grouped under five principles of practice, wellbeing, contracts and conditions, recognition, inclusion and professional development were developed to improve the experience and treatment of front-of-house colleagues.

Sticks and Stones: Bullying in Museums

Sector research was carried out in 2019 and resulted in a research report and 28 recommendations to address the scale of reported bullying in the sector. The recommendations are grouped for five specific groups: the sector, organisations, managers, targets and perpetrators.