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Key findings

The key findings from our research are outlined below.

Where data is presented, it has been adjusted and responses of not applicable or blanks have been removed. This means there are different sample sizes for different questions.

  • A majority of respondents reported good life satisfaction (71%) 
  • A majority of respondents reported less good or significantly low work satisfaction (58%) 
  • The key factors at work affecting wellbeing related to excessive demands (53%), not feeling recognised (48%) and not feeling valued (44%)  
  • A third of respondents didn’t feel cared for and felt that workforce wellbeing was not prioritised in their organisation
  • There were several responses where no wellbeing support was in place at all, or respondents did not have access to it
  • Respondents were more likely to have a positive experience of wellbeing at team level (over 50%), with line managers and colleagues contributing to this positive experience
  • Factors contributing to positive work satisfaction were having an empathic manager, a supportive team and engaging job content  
  • There has been a clear shift to hybrid working, with only 30% describing their role as being on-site
  • 20% of respondents stated their organisation has not adopted hybrid working
  • 87% of hybrid workers said that working in this way had a positive impact on their wellbeing
  • Museums have adopted a variety of approaches to wellbeing, the most common being employee assistance programmes and mental health first aiders