Introduction - Museums Association


This past year we’ve all reflected on what museums are for and why we work in them. The thing that became obvious early in the pandemic is that it’s people that make museums, and that includes everyone – staff, freelancers, trustees, volunteers and of course, our communities. Which means how we treat our staff is more important than ever.

We have long acknowledged that museums need a workforce that is diverse and represents our communities – in order to achieve that we also need a workforce that is supported, respected and rewarded fairly.

The pandemic has shone a light on inequality in society and some of that is reflected in our institutions. This research highlights that there is also a significant issue of bullying in the sector. It is an issue that we need to address openly and collectively.

The Museums Association is committed to providing resources to support the wellbeing of those that work in and with museums and also to campaigning for fair and progressive employment practices. We are also committed to enacting the recommendations in this report in our organisation.

As a sector we need to create safe spaces and support for everyone who works with us. If we do that, we can nurture a representative, creative and supported workforce that can work confidently and creatively with our communities.