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What we are doing to address our sustainability

We are leading a sector campaign supporting museums to take action for climate justice. As part of this campaign, we have committed to advocate on behalf of the sector, continue to reduce our climate impact and embed climate activism across all campaigns and activities, taking an intersectional approach.

Our commitments are to:

  • Advocate on behalf of the sector to increase resources and facilitate partnership working on climate and ecological issues.
  • Continue to reduce the MA’s climate impact further by implementing our own sustainability plan.
  • Embed climate activism across all MA campaigns and activities, taking an intersectional approach with a focus on climate and social justice.

As a membership organisation we recognise we have a significant role in reducing our impact on the planet. To address this we have taken the following actions.

Reducing our printed output

Almost all of our materials are now digital. We no longer print the Museum Services Directory, marketing materials, guides, policy documents, event agendas and more.

We continue to print Museums Journal magazine, but now bimonthly, and we offer all members the option to just receive their magazine digitally. We no longer accept printed inserts in Museums Journal and we no longer have delegate bags at our events.

We have also created digital membership cards, which are now used by the majority of our members. Where we do print, we source paper and materials from sustainable sources.

Plastics and materials

Museums Journal packaging and our membership cards (where used) are biodegradable. We have significantly increased our recycling, including any electronic equipment, and we only offer biodegradable goods and materials at our events. We are also encouraging our attendees to bring their own coffee cups at our events.

Sustainable and ethical suppliers

We have reviewed our suppliers and provided our staff with training and guidance on sustainable and ethical procurement, using an approved suppliers list. Where we provide catering at our events, we now offer only vegetarian food.


We have significantly reduced our travel, hosting the majority of our meetings and events digitally. We have also instituted a hybrid working policy which has reduced the amount of commuting our staff undertake by eighty per cent.

As a membership organisation that works across the four nations of the UK and has an international membership and outlook, some travel is important for our engagement, so we have no flights policy for certain distances, and an annual quota to reduce our impact.


Our hybrid working policy has reduced the use of our office significantly, meaning our use of energy has improved. We have improved our insulation, moved to green energy suppliers, and ensured that any new appliances meet high environmental standards.


We have moved the investments of our reserves to an ethical and sustainable investment fund and are ensuring our staff can move their pensions into similar schemes.

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