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Disciplinary Regulations

One of our many roles is to set and monitor standards of behaviour within the museum community.

Museums and their collections are within the public realm and the public have a right to expect that museums in the United Kingdom and those that work in them act with integrity, honesty and fairness. Museums are, and must remain, trusted organisations.

However, there may well be times when our individual or institutional members breach acceptable standards of behaviour. If public and stakeholder confidence is to be maintained it is essential that we seek to remedy any wrongdoing and, if necessary, discipline those involved.

In order to ensure that any disciplinary investigation of members is carried out in a clear, logical and transparent way our board of trustees agreed these disciplinary regulations in July 2015.

These regulations have been drawn up using legal advice and set out how we will deal with potential problems.

The regulations relate to our Code of Ethics in that the code sets out the standards of behaviour that we expect of our members.

Every potential disciplinary issue is different and we have to be flexible in how we approach each individual case. What these regulations provide is a framework for assessing the problem in a way that is seen to be balanced and fair but at the same time ensures that the good name and reputation of the MA and the museum community in the United Kingdom is maintained.


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