Improving staff recruitment and development
The Museums Association has campaigned on a wide range of workforce issues, to improve the way museums recruit, use and develop their staff.

Transformers: Radical change in museums

A workforce initiative for people in mid-career, supported by their museum, designed to change the way they work.

Participants will be challenged to develop new ways of thinking, and will be supported throughout to engage with experimental ideas, fresh thinking and learning from experts and innovators.

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Workforce action plan

In 2013 the MA published Working Wonders: an action plan for the museum workforce. The action plan is a call for museums, funders and strategic agencies to recognise the challenges that museums and galleries currently face and support workforce and skills development to meet these challenges.

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For well over a decade we have campaigned – and acted – to encourage a wider range of people into museum work.

We had lots of successes, but there is much more to do.

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Culture change

Museums have many opportunities to change the way they work. We helped some to work more smartly – and published a report showing how museums can continue to reinvigorate and diversify their workforce even when funding is tight.

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Monument Fellowships

We’re concerned about the loss of skills and knowledge when staff leave museums, sometimes at short notice. Our Monument Fellowships helped museums improve their succession planning and share collections-related knowledge.

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Entry level jobs

In earlier work, we looked at the problems with entry to the museum workforce, including the difficulties caused by the culture of pre-entry volunteering and over-emphasis on academic qualifications.

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Low pay in museums

Low pay is widely recognised as a major problem in most areas of museum work. Museum pay has fallen behind that of comparable sectors. In the past we have commissioned research and published salary guidelines.

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