A sweet machine on display at the Museum of Lancashire, which the council wants to close from next April

Lancashire council gives go ahead for museum closures

Rebecca Atkinson, 27.11.2015
Future of the collections unclear ahead of 12-week consultation period
A proposal to close five museums in Lancashire was passed by the council in a meeting yesterday.

As previously reported by Museums Journal, Lancashire County Council plans to close the Museum of Lancashire in Preston, Fleetwood Museum, Queen Street Mill in Burnley, Helmshore Mills Textile Museum and Judges' Lodgings Museum in Lancaster, from next April.

Five further museums, including Lancaster City Museum and Lancaster Castle, would be expected to fully cover their costs through a new charging policy implemented from 1 April 2016.

The proposals would save the council £1.13m in 2017-18.
Lancashire County Council will shortly launch a 12-week consultation with stakeholders and members of the public, to seek views on all the proposals in the budget.
It has also already been in talks with Arts Council England (ACE), the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and Historic England about its plans.
The textile industry collections at Queen Street Mill and Helmshore Mills Textile Museum are Designated, due to the fact they are original machines, still in working order and preserved in situ.
John Orna-Ornstein, the director of museums at ACE, said: “We are ensuring that the council is aware of the value of these collections. We will continue to work with the council, the HLF and Historic England, to ensure the best possible result.”
The mills are also listed as Scheduled Monuments.
The HLF has invested £919,400 in the Museum of Lancashire and £720,000 in Helmshore Mills Textile Museum, which it could claw back if the sites close.
A spokeswoman for the HLF said: “We are currently in discussion with Lancashire council in order to assess the situation and the wider risk to our investment. It is important that recipients of National Lottery funding honour their contractual obligations, and the recovery of grant money is an option we will consider.”
Sharon Heal, the director of the Museums Association, said: “It would be a great loss to the people and communities of Lancashire if these museums were to close.

“They represent a crucial part of the area’s social history, and the industrial machinery is significant enough to have earned it Designated collection status.

"This threat to collections and the great work that many of these museums do demonstrates the pressure that local authorities are under but the council and public should understand that if the collection is mothballed and the buildings are closed or sold off they could be gone forever.”


Lancashire County Council's proposed budget for cultural services (pdf)

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03.12.2015, 10:47
This is just the most dramatic of cuts that have been and will continue to be imposed by local authorities across Britain in response to the financial crisis. The move to trust status is seen by many in power as a panacea. We know it it is not. There is an urgent need for strategic approaches to the problem in England and in the devolved governments. Has anyone considered setting up 'national' trusts to receive a block grant from government(s) to support local museums directly? The costs of a series of 'national' museum services would be minimal in the overall budget and it would ameliorate the constant threat of short term cuts from politicians that see no further than the next election. Local museums will continue to be picked off one at a time unless substantive change to our system of museums takes place quickly.
03.12.2015, 19:50
There is no real 'financial crisis'. It is an invention by the Tories to justify cutting down the state. Don't fall for their propaganda.
03.12.2015, 13:06
I am greatly about the long term sustainability of sites transferred to charitable trusts as a quick fix. This proposal might provide a safety net for such organisations.
02.12.2015, 22:03
Musueum closures by Councils are indicative of their lack of vision. Too often we find funds alledgedly saved by these closures later splurged on sporting venues. These so called representatives of the people are throwing the porverbial babt out with the bathwater and the baby is our Heritage. Local governments is too often the enemy of its own people and rarely serves us well.
02.12.2015, 16:45
Hand wringing won't do much good - nor will the 'sanction' of expulsion from the MA - use MA members money to provide practical help to museum staff - like free training to find another job- easily afforded if MA 'executives' took a voluntary wage cut.
02.12.2015, 22:37
How about some positive suggestions to sustain the grade 1 listed heritage of Queen Street Mill as well?