Poll: Is low pay in museums holding back workforce diversity?

Patrick Steel, 21.11.2017
Pay in museums is 7% below market average
Recent research commissioned by the Museums Association found that pay in museums is 7% below the market average.

This led Sharon Heal, the MA’s director, to warn: “Poor pay and limited opportunities for progression can be off-putting when people are thinking about potential careers. And we also know that a narrow entry path can squeeze some people out, especially if it is combined with recruitment that focuses on mirroring the workforce that we already have."

And according to Valuing Diversity: The Case For Inclusive Museums, a report commissioned last year by the MA and funded by Arts Council England, for BAME workers in the museum sector, this low pay is compounded by unconscious bias, which impacts decisions related to recruitment and salary of individuals as well as investment in their ongoing development once inside an organisation.

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