How can we improve diversity in the museum sector?

Patrick Steel, 23.01.2012
Take part in the MA survey and have your say
Following the end of its Diversify scheme last year, the Museums Association is asking the sector for its view on how the issue of diversity in the museum workforce can be addressed now and in the future.

Maurice Davies, head of policy and communication at the MA, said: “The good news is that over the past decade or so, the proportion of minority-ethnic people working in museums has tripled and Diversify has played a part in improving things.

“However, the bad news is that it’s still only about 7%, compared with over 12% minority-ethnic in the working-age population as a whole.

“We would encourage everyone in the sector to complete this survey and let us know your views.”

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Diversify Destination Research

A survey of participants in Diversify, the MA’s positive-action training scheme which ended in 2011 after 13 years, has shown that three-quarters of the trainees were employed in museums within six months of completing the programme.

Diversify came out of a collaboration between the University of Leicester’s school of museum studies and the MA in 1998.

The project was originally designed to address the under-representation of black, asian and minority-ethnic people in museums and galleries, but broadened to include people from less affluent backgrounds and people with disabilities.

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