A student exhibition opening at Newcastle University

The next level

Julie Nightingale, 07.03.2019
Those wanting to continue their research have a wide variety of institutions to choose from
The museum sector offers a range of PhD opportunities for students interested in taking their research interests to the next level. University College London welcomes applicants in a diverse mix of subject areas, including archaeology and anthropology, colonial legacies and indigenous heritage.

The University of Manchester’s Institute for Cultural Practices offers a PhD in museum practice, which is aimed at people who want to continue working in museums and galleries while carrying out practice-based research.

At Newcastle University, museum, gallery and heritage studies reflect the interdisciplinary approach of its International Centre for Cultural Heritage, with topics ranging from attitudes towards human remains to meaning-making around photographic collections on Flickr. It is available as an MPhil or PhD.

The University of Lincoln’s conservation of cultural heritage programme, also available as a PhD or MPhil, enables students to pursue a heritage-based research project on an aspect of conservation with supervisor support.

The Arts and Humanities Research Council is the key funding body for PhDs in the sector and students apply to the university for an award. See university websites for details.

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